Mp3 file format opened a whole new era of digital music in 1990s which still lasts and I am pretty sure still will be lasting next ten or twenty years until the day when some kind of completely innovative format will replace mp3. But for now and for close future no guess it still will work just fine.
MP3 file format nowadays brings up an association with MP3 music download because the development of IT technologies, internet and computers made it possible for users to upload, share, exchange and download music form the internet. There were numerous judicial proceedings about broken copyrights and illegal download but the phenomenon of mp3 music download gave rise to numerous paid online sources of music. A great example of such growth may be iTunes store where people from all over the world are able to purchase this or that kind of content they’d like to and finally it turned into an innovative and independent branch of business and this business is pretty big. Even those people who supported illegal downloading could manage to withdraw some considerable sums of money out of there.
Mp3 became the most popular file format for online music exchange. Nothing else would ever be able to get any closer to amounts of mp3 music downloads. Thousands of sites all over the world, billions of dollars, new releases every single day and much more things are mixed in the online mp3 music world.  Mp3 format gave musicians a chance to present their audible ideas to the whole world by uploading songs to some online source. Tones of online radio station exist at the moment and some of them become more popular than offline ones along with the development of 3G networks and free high-speed internet. There is the only way to kill mp3 in the internet which is to rise the speed of internet connection and speed of exchange by two, three or even four times so that users will be able to stream FLAC or other high-quality formats or if some kind of innovative file format which will have higher bitrates along with good compression so it’d be easy to get an online access to it.
Anyway for now the future of mp3 music files and the format in general is rather clear and obvious. It is too popular to disappear that easy. The market is balanced, there is a constant demand and the market answers it with constant supply. I think that situation won’t change in any close period of time.

2 Responses to “The future of mp3 music”
  1. Terry Jones says:

    I’d add that the introduction of ACTA or other copyright-related measurements will certainly take its toll on the mp3’s world..

  2. Steve says:

    Well, I think mp3 format is here to stay, at least for quite some time.

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