Nowadays technologies develop so fast that it is becoming next to impossible to catch the moment when this or that idea appeared for the first time. And it is hard to impress somebody with some kind of new file format because there are so many of them already and everybody knows that he or she just needs to google for drivers and everything will work fine. But have you ever thought of how the greatest mp3 music file format was created? Who did it? Do you actually know how old the format is?
So, the first stone, to say so, was laid down by Fraunhofer IIS together with Erlangen University which started to work together in order to create the brand-new algorithm first prototypes of which will be ready in 1988 and will be given the name ‘MPEG Audio Layer III’ or MP3 how we usually call it today. However the most famous abbreviature – MP3 appeared only in 1995 after seven years of hard work when it was for designation of file format – .mp3
Such phrase as MP3 Music for the first time was showed up in 1998 when a couple of students created the most popular mp3 player called WinAMP. Since the year of 1999 when Nullsoft the company which created the very first Winamp was acquired by AOL for some 100 million dollars and during the same year Napster has come which is one of the first programs for music files exchange. After 1999 there was no one who has not ever heard of mp3 music or mp3 file format.
More than ten years have passed since the time of wide distribution of mp3 and more than 20 years have passed since the time it appeared for the first time but it still lives and widely used by millions or even billions of people from all over the world. If mp3 wasn’t created we’d have no mp3 players, IPods, lots of industries connected with it, the whole world might look differently, who knows what could happen. So taking into account this particular point of view, mp3 music and mp3 file format in general maybe considered as a rather significant part, piece of the 21st century just like any other important scientific achievement. Nowadays we all walk around the streets with your headphones and IPods and it is rather hard to imagine how the world would look like if there were no such things. No music while you are running in the morning, no portable music players for some local parties, and no income from mp3 players’ sales which, I bet, provide a pretty good money flow to its manufacturers. Who knows…

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