As the situation with file formats that try to become a significant alternative to mp3 seems to never come an end neither the situation with players that are used to play these files does. 1999 gave as Winamp and the majority of people still use it; however when Apple inc. showed up in the front line with its amazing MacOS, IPods and MacBook people started to use iTunes on regular basic because it was vital software for all IPods and Winamp could not support them well enough so rather significant amount of users from all over the world started and keep using iTunes on regular basis for playing mp3 music and uploading to their IPods.  The third popular mp3 player is WMP (Windows Media Player) due to its prebuilt packaging and very high rate of Windows OS users across the whole world. It is easy to understand why people keep using WMP while there are players that might be more convenient, good-looking and so on. Why would you care for anything else if you’ve already got something that works pretty fine?
Besides the mentioned three there are also such players as ACE, VLC, Foobar and many other which pretend to play music with better sound quality, they include lots of built-in online radio stations, codecs, encoders, skins, equalizers, emphasizers, plug-ins and many more little things that are useful or not really in order to keep your attention. Anyway if you ask me, I would say that there always will be a plenty of alternatives of all kinds and colorings with tones of built-in applications and plug-ins however first three players would exist until the very moment when some kind of completely innovative file format will appear and cross out everything that we used to use. But for now we’ve got three evident leaders and they are Winamp, iTunes, and Windows Media Player and they divide the majority of music lover all over the world.
It is hard to say which player is the best because there are so many characteristics that are important such as appearance, supported formats, audio libraries, user interface, playlists, navigation and so on. That is why there are so many alternatives that still exist and are in demand. It is all up to you. The good thing about it is that the majority of mp3 music players are free and you always can download some and change it.

2 Responses to “The most popular mp3 players ever”
  1. Terry Jones says:

    I totally agree with what you said. All of these seem like the most basic stuff. If someone just wants to listen to music, they’re totally sufficient. Frankly, I like Winamp’s design best.

  2. Steve says:

    I stopped using WinAmp long time ago. If I were to use anything then its only AIMP

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